Sunday, 11 April 2010

When Toads are Vocal

I went back to Barden Moor yesterday to find that toads were making their way out of the heather towards the reservoir. Frog tadpoles are already swimming in the shallow moorland pools.


I swept the heather and found a small caterpillar that is possibly Neglected Rustic. I have seen these on the Calderdalemoths blog recently.


The Ectoedemia weaveri mines on Cowberry now have visible larvae when the leaves are held up to the sunlight and viewed with a 10x hand lens.


There seem to be two different types of tortrix larvae creating spinnings on the Cowberry. These are predominantly a dark type but there are small numbers of a brown-headed paler kind. I will have to rear these to see what emerges.

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  1. A Rhopobota ustomaculana resulted from the pale larva on 20th May 2010