Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Vigilance of a Crow

The composite photograph above provides a record of my wander around the back garden this morning with a Nikon 4500.

From left-to-right are Bird's-foot trefoil, Selfheal, Tormentil, Salad Burnet flower, Light Emerald pupa, damaged Speckled Wood butterfly, unidentified hoverfly, probable Epiphas postvitana caterpillar on Agrimony, Enchanter's Nightshade and Mullein flowers.
Meanwhile all hell is let loose when Ziggy the cat ventures into the front garden. A not-yet-fledged Carrion Crow appears to have fallen from its nest and is now resident in a territory of four gardens, associated driveways and the pavements inbetween.
Both parents make an enormous racket and dive-bomb the unfortunate cat if he goes within 50 yards of their flightless offspring.
My next-door neighbour is providing water and egg-based foods for the youngster whose gait has developed over the last few days from an initial stagger, stagger, flop-onto-face to the now confident jaunty swagger.

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