Saturday, 13 March 2010

Spring has sprung!

Lesser Celandine Ranunculus ficaria is a common weed in my garden and is one of the earliest of Britain's wildflowers to appear in the Spring. I have been waiting for it to appear this year and there was a solitary bloom in the sunshine today.

William Wordsworth wrote:

There is a flower, the lesser Celandine
That shrinks, like many more, from cold and rain
And, the first moment that the sun may shine
Bright as the sun himself, 'tis out again!
I have also found a couple of beetles today, only one of which I can identify with any confidence. The Varied Carpet Beetle Anthrenus verbasci was flying around my lounge and, after reading of its larva's predeliction for soft furnishings, I released it onto a crocus outside!
The unidentified wood-boring beetle is an inhabitant of a decaying sycamore trunk. It is 3mm in length; Could it be one of the Anobiidae?
And finally, a Red Kite Milvus milvus flying over the Tranmere Park housing estate in Guiseley. They seem to be getting closer and closer to my home in Baildon.


  1. Variegated Carpet Beetles are having a very successful year. I have found a few in my home in S. Yorks.

    There is a celandine on Wordsworth's memorial plaque inside the church of Saint Oswald at Grasmere, but unfortunately it's a Greater Celandine (Chelidonium majus). :(

    In that spirit of possibly mistaken i'Ds I think your hoverfly of Saturday 27 March is Eupeodes luniger

  2. Thanks for the hoverfly i.d. Ray.
    Hope your carpets survive :-)