Friday, 12 March 2010

1128 Ancylis myrtillana and Green Shield Bug

On 10th March 2010 I found that this fine specimen of Ancylis myrtillana had emerged from its over-wintering case constructed from a folded over bilberry leaf.

I had found the larva (see smaller photo) on Bleara Moor in the far North-west corner of VC63 Map Ref: SD918457 on Friday 18th September 2009 i.e. National Moth Night. I wonder how many specimens of this species were recorded on that date?

The third photograph shows the newly-emerged moth adjacent to its case.

Yesterday morning was bright and sunny and, amongst the garden sage, I found my first Green Shield Bug (Palomena prasina) of the year. I didn't immediately recognise it because it still sported the bronze colouration adopted by this species during hibernation.

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