Sunday, 14 February 2010

Mycobiont and photobiont

I found this fruticose lichen at High Bradup on Rombalds Moor whilst looking for Cowberry.
Several Red Grouse flew up as I traipsed across the boggy grassland.
I failed to find any Cowberry which is said to be less competitive than the heather and bilberry that thrive in these desolate places.
The sheep have to be rugged here and seem to have some characteristics of the Swaledale breed.
An avian skeleton, picked clean on a rocky outcrop, puzzled me. Something with a long neck perhaps?
I think the lichen might be Cladonia portentosa which is described by Frank Dobson as forming compact, delicately tufted, interwoven mats up to 6cm tall and as being common on peat moors.


  1. That's an interesting suggestion Andy because Ravens do occur there. I wish now that I had taken some more photographs and perhaps some measurements. I may have to go back.
    Why would you go for Raven?

  2. Ive seen them strip a carcuss like that before and ravens are now quite common and spreding througout our upland areas.