Saturday, 23 January 2010

Light Emerald.
One of the containers in my unheated garden shed houses some birch twigs and a Light Emerald Campaea margaritata larva.
I found this caterpillar on birch at Otley Chevin in October and the photograph shows the distinguishing fringe of hair-like structures all along the lower parts. It is also possible to make out the pair of rudimentary legs on the eighth segment.


  1. Hi Derek, great to see you've entered the blogging world and I look forward to reading all about your mothing exploits.


  2. Thanks for that Charlie. I have to say that Calderdalemoths has been my inspiration to start this. Did tou see the thread on Yorkshiremoths about the Heralds hibernating at Fountains Abbey?

  3. I did Derek, I keep wracking my brain to think of somewhere local that's cave/tunnel like.No success yet!